Cult of Howling Hatred

Worship wind and storms, those who worship air gain the power to punish those who wronged them. Their beliefs are a means to an end.

Mindless destruction isn’t very interesting but destruction as an expression of freedom or to take things wrongfully denied is another story.

Appeals to those who deal in perceptions rather than facts: illusionists, spies, assassins.

Predatory or fierce winged creatures are allied with the cult. Hippogriffs, griffons, and vultures are frequently used as steeds.

Clever, impulsive, creative. Smarter, quicker, more capable than others they meet.

Dislike open battle, preferably work in secret with stealth and illusion to use a minimum amount of force.

Deception and ambush provide opportunities to prove smarter and more resourceful than the opponent. Wind does not blow down a castle but flows around and through it. Infiltration and indirect attacks are clearly superior.

Seek out high places when possible, but value underground spaces with wide chasms or lofty vaults. Flying must be possible. Sometimes they need to put secrecy above other considerations.

Leader: Aerisi Kalinoth (moon elf)

Wields the spear, Windvane.

Tall and slender with illusory wings that fan the air. Speaks with a whisper that sounds clearly in the ears of anyone in her presence.

Followers aren’t cultists but her noble subjects. She is their prophet and queen. Musicians and courtiers amuse and flatter her, and warriors on hippogriffs serve as knights.

Grew up in an enchanted castle in Faerie, surrounded by tales, histories, and magic tomes. Passed childhood playing games, practicing enchantment, and imagining herself as a winged elf. Sheltered from the conflicts of Faerun she came of age with a tender and fragile disposition.

Eventually the parents decided to take her to engage in elven society, and then realized they had raised a spoiled child. Used to having everything she wanted the princess had tantrums when she was denied her slightest whim, and the other elves could hardly stand her.

She felt powerless among the other moon elves. Although she had become a skilled enchanter in Faerie her people were resistant to such charms. She began to envision herself as a winged elf, wishing to control the winds and go where she liked, punishing those who offended her. These dreams turned to dark visions where she ruled the storms and air itself. She envisioned the Prince of Evil Air and began studying air, learning flight and escaping the city to follow her deluded dreams.

She went to a strange altar in a cavern beneath the Sumber hills where she acquired the spear Windvane.

She dubbed herself a queen and set out to find followers to rule. Her enchantments helped fill the ranks of the cult with initiates hopelessly devoted to her.

She is quite graceful but also has a violent temper that reveals itself whenever she doesn’t get what she wants. She is prone to flights of fancy and impulse decadence.

She doesn’t see herself as evil because she lacks the ability to empathize with anyone else. Her worshippers and those who please her are good, those who defy her are wicked and must be punished.

She wishes to lash the world with storms and destruction, a temper tantrum against the elven society that dared to impose on her.

Cult of Howling Hatred

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